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5 Ultimate Features of KIK

Everyone around the world is familiar with the app Kik. It is a messenger. It connects people. It is for free and uses internet to work. You can share messages, photos, videos and much more using internet. The main reason for Kik’s popularity is that it keeps you anonymous. You do not have to register your number to use this app. The only thing visible is your profile picture and the username you choose. Now if you are new then you need to know a lot about Kik. Simple things like Kik login and messaging can be done on your own. Here are 5 ultimate features that you should know about Kik for an amazing experience –

Check Your Messages Easily

Thanks to technology we all have apps that show sent, delivered and read on our messages. While that is a good thing sometimes it can get annoying. Say you are late for a meeting so you just read the message but did not reply. Now the sender will think you are ignoring them to avoid that here is what you can do so that you can read the message and it won’t show read to sender. Simply tap on the button that shows all your opened apps, then just glance at Kik tab and read the message and click the home screen button. Also you can change to Airplane mode then read the message and then close the app and ‘Off’ the airplane mode.

Send Logo

You can send logo of Kik in messages. To do that just open the app. Type ‘KIK’ without the inverted commas and send it. It will not send KIK but instead will send its logo.

Display Name Change Option

You can change your display name. You cannot change your username ever but you can change the name others see. Go to settings and click on ‘Your Account’ and change your name. Now internet is full of creeps. You never know who is approaching you as the only means of identity is profile picture. Now that can be fake. So always go for username. If you are befriending someone known, then get their username.

Easy to Download

You can use Kik on your PC or Mac but you will need an emulator first. The most popular one is bluestacks. Download bluestacks and sync it to either Google Play store or Apple App store. Then sign in with your Gmail account or apple ID and then download Kik.

Easy to Deactivate

Although Kik is very handy to use and on top of that it is free but it can be very distracting too. Maybe your examinations are coming up or maybe an important interview. You need to focus on that and cannot waste your time chatting. So do you have to delete Kik and after examination or interview download it again? Absolutely no. Just simply deactivate Kik and after your important work is done you can activate it again.

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